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MARESOL Research was founded with the aim of eliminating the hassle businesses face in conducting market research studies and data analysis. Our goal is to become Jamaica’s premier Market Research organisation by providing the highest level of service to all our clients and stakeholders.

MARESOL conducts data capture, analysis and presentation of findings for our customers. We study your organisation’s operation and design a unique survey instrument based on your modus operandi as well as all measurable targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We have mastered the art of logistics, data capture and data analysis. We present accurate, meaningful and easily understood information from the data captured. This is achieved by having well-trained and efficient Field Surveying Agents, as well as specialists in Instrument Development and Statistical Data Analysis who use cutting edge tools to analyse, interpret and present the data.

We provide information to our clients on the desired approach planning needed after analysing the needs of our customers and their organisation. Using established Quality Service Standards, MARESOL puts the service measured into context. This allows management to measure the performance actually delivered by their organisation and accurately pinpoints underperformances, bottlenecks and over performances

Andrew Porter

Founder & CEO

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Our Aim is Service that Consistently Exceeds Expectations

MARESOL will provide you with the best research solutions our experts can provide.

At MARESOL, we know information is POWER. We help our clients to make data driven (informed) decisions in all operational areas, thus keep their customers satisfied and build brand loyalties.

To provide quality service that continuously exceeds the expectations of our customers.

MARESOL ensures that all of our clients are satisfied. We know each business is unique and that is why our team takes the time to comprehend the needs and requirements of your business.

To build long-term relationships with our clients while providing exceptional customer service by pursuing growth through innovation, strategic planning and incorporating the use of technology.

At MARESOL, we know information is POWER. We help our clients to make data driven (informed) decisions in all operational areas, thus keep their customers satisfied and build brand loyalties

We believe in treating our clients with respect. We grow through creativity, strategic planning and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and good business ethics into all aspects of our business functions.

Team MARESOL does not just talk the talk; we walk the walk!

  1. Regional and International expansion in the field of Market Research and data processing while developing and maintaining a strong base of key customers at home.
  2. Increase in the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services i.e. always innovating.
  3. To build an excellent reputation in the field of Market Research by becoming a key player in the industry.
  4. Strengthening organisation’s capacity through sustainable practices to meet the regulatory requirements under the laws of Jamaica ensuring that economic development is balanced with the best environmental