Environmental services

NEPA Services

-Community Surveys for New and existing Development.
-Application Process
-Permit Compliance and Monitoring Support

  • Community Surveys for New and Existing Developments
  • Application Process Support
  • Permit Compliance and Monitoring Support

Do you have a licence from the Water Resources Authority or just need to determine the quality of a water body? Water quality sampling collects representative portion of water from the natural environment or from an industrial site in order to determine/analyse its constituents. Results are presented to our clients in the form of a report. 

The study of ground and surface water resources. This deals with how water get into the ground and recharge the aquifers as well as how it flows in the subsurface interacting with soils and rocks (geology). Services ranges from well feasibility to settling up monitoring networks for sites. We also look at flow rates to determine reliable yields from rivers and springs. 

An emergency response plan is a document that lays out the series of steps your organization will take during a critical event, such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane etc. to ensure employees’ safety and minimize the impact on critical operations.

This plan aids to reduce the potential for spills and to manage spills from vehicles transporting controlled waste in order to reduce the potential for environmental harm and or nuisance. This can also be done for waste collection from on site.

Closure Plan describes the procedures for the removal of all the possible contaminants to air soil and water; equipment decontamination; sampling and laboratory analysis and closure to the satisfaction of the relevant standards and regulations stipulated by the National Environment and Planning Agency.